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image: Cruz Ortiz 

The Land Heritage Institute (LHI) has announced its 5th Biennial LHI Art-Sci Symposium. This one is called Sound Art + Feminist Art + Eco Art and will take place Saturday November 11, 2017 at the Mercury Project in San Antonio. It’s in partnership with with Luminaria and the Southtown Arts District Festival.

The symposium is about art’s intersection with science and technology, with an emphasis on three subjects: sound art, feminist art in the digital age, and artists and scientists “addressing renewable energy and regenerative design.”

Via LHI: “A new sound art app designed for the Southside of San Antonio will be unveiled during the Sound Art/Sound Walks section followed by guided sound walks through the Roosevelt Park area. Women working with new technologies will show and tell during Feminist Art in a Digital Age. Discussion about the world’s first Solar Mural artwork debuting at Luminaria the night before will happen during the reGEN portion of the program. Presenters include artists from Great Britain, Korea and Mexico.”

The symposium takes place from 9:30 am – 5 pm on Nov. 11 in San Antonio. For the full program and more info, please go here. For more info on LHI, please go here.


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